October 21, 2016Rachel

I’ve decided that there is no other way to start this blog than with a post about bacon.

Why am I writing about bacon? Well, for starters, no one can deny that bacon is delicious. It is the perfect combination of crispy and chewy. It goes great with almost any meal, even dessert! But it is also the perfect bait to capture your attention with. My goal is to inspire you to eat a little healthier, maybe give this Paleo thing a shot, and overall feel great about yourself. There is a misconception out there that eating healthy or eating gluten-free means giving up all sorts of foods that you love and only eating tasteless, boring meals for the rest of your life. I still eat food I love (including bacon) and I feel like a million bucks when I’m not eating the junk I used to. 


Is bacon a health food? That’s debatable. Buying Pasture-raised, organic, local, nitrate-free bacon is wonderful! It has a great amount of healthy fat, it comes from a humanely raised piggy, and it helps support local farms. Pig fat is a great source of saturated fat, which are stable and safe for cooking. Buying conventional, mass produced, bacon from the super market isn’t so wonderful. The hogs are usually confined and raised poorly their whole lives. The toxins created from stress, hormones, and antibiotics are stored in the animal’s fat. Since bacon is mostly fat, you end up eating the part of the animals that is holding on to all these toxins. So, look for the highest quality bacon you can find! The pigs will thank you!

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