Week 2 Meal Plan

August 7, 2018raelaf

Hey guys. So with a new job, new schedule, new daycare situation, my meals have become extra simplified. I’m not fan of meal prepping because I get end up with too many leftovers that get lost track of. There’s nothing worse than finding a container of old roasted vegetables in the back of the fridge.

What I’ve been doing instead of meal PLANNING. I sit down once a week and take inventory of what’s in the fridge and pantry. Then I come up with something meals out of that I have. I’ll grocery shop for whatever else I need and try to keep it simple and healthy. So far, it’s been working out great! I make just enough food for 2-3 servings. That way I have one serving for lunch the next day and I don’t get overrun with leftovers. 

All the dinners can litterally be made in under 30 minutes. This is crucial because once I pick up Theo from daycare, I have about an hour to make dinner, sit down and eat as a family, clean up, and give him a bath. Plus I usually have to entertain him while I’m making dinner. So a lot of my meals are also hands-off ( sheet pan meals, instant pot meals, etc).

I keep a lot of the proteins in the freezer and just pull it out the night before. That way, nothing is going bad. All I have to do is check my meal plan and go from there.

So I figured I’d share our weekly meal plans here to hopefully give you guys some ideas and inspiration. I’ll add notes at the bottom to certain dishes.


Sunday: prep tuna salad, chimichurri sauce, and steak marinade.

Monday: Toss 2 roughly chopped russet potatoes into instant pot with 1 cup water. Season both sides of frozen salmon fillets and place on top of potatoes. Cook on high pressure for 7 minutes. Remove salmon. Add butter and coconut milk to instant pot with potatoes and mash. 

Tuesday: Use prepared pulled pork if you don’t have time to make your own. Layer romaine lettuce, pulled pork, guacamole, onions, cilantro, and salsa for salad. Take out steak from freezer to defrost in fridge.

Wednesday: In the morning, place marinade and steak in a large ziploc bag. Leave in the fridge until dinner. Cook rice. Stir fry steak and frozen veggies.

Thursday: Snack lunch is simply a bunch of healthy snacks for lunch. Example: 3-4 slices of turkey deli meat, some cubes of cheese, handful of nuts, olives, carrots and hummus, celery and peanut butter, and fruit)

For dinner, fry bacon then cook frozen chicken burgers in bacon fat. Top burger with bacon and avocado and wrap in lettuce.

Friday: Cook steak, top with chimichurri sauce. Serve with a simple side salad (lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber). Can use chimichurri as salad dressing as well

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