Smart Spending: Surviving Baby Bath Time on a Budget

April 29, 2018raelaf
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Up until Theo was about 5 months old, I have spent exactly 97 cents on baby bath products. 
What was it that I bought? A rubber ducky. 
There are so many baby bath products out there! Just browsing through them is tempting. Even I have to stop myself sometimes. There are the actual infant tubs, adorable hooded towels, bath mats, toys, faucet covers, and so much more. They make soft little bath robes that look so cozy. There are towels with hoods of all sorts of different animals. They have so many toys from floating animals and boats to fishing sets and even bath crayons. There are non slip mats for your baby to sit on. The are even kneeling cushions for mom and dad. 
And do you know how many of these products you actually need? 
Not as many as the baby stores lead you to believe. 
When I remember back to when I was a kid, I didn’t have any fancy bath accessories. No bath mat, no special towel, no rubber faucet cover. And I turned out just fine. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go out and buy whatever baby items you want. I’m just saying that if you are on a budget, you can survive bath time without spending more than $10. 
So here is what you really truly need:

Baby Shampoo

It is a pretty good idea to have some sort of baby soap or shampoo. Most likely you will receive some from your baby shower. If not, there are free samples you can get from the hospital. 
I use a lavender bubble bath 
Or Thinkbaby shampoo. 
I like using a shampoo that doesn’t have harsh chemicals and lavender is a natural way to help baby relax before bedtime. 

Towel / Washcloth / Hand Towel

We just use regular towels for our baby. Sad to say, but no, I don’t own an adorable hooded towel. I use a regular towel. Sometimes a beach towel. And when he was tiny I used a microfiber towel that I originally bought for my car. 
You probably already have several wash cloths and hand towels laying around. They are handy for a few things. First, washcloths are good for scrubbing the baby down. But we also use a hand towel to wrap around the facet as a make-shift faucet cover so he doesn’t bonk his head on it. It’s simple, takes up no space, and it’s basically free. Granted, not as cute a the whale spout cover but it’s just as effective. 
When Theo was just a newborn, I also used a hand towel to lay down in the tub to act as a bath mat. I would lay him on his back on top of the towel and then give him a little sponge bath that way. It made me feel more comfortable washing him in the tub than having him in the sink. Although, it’s pretty rough on your back that way but that was my free alternative to a giant plastic newborn tub.
(wash cloth over the faucet)

A cup or bowl

Handy for pouring water over your baby. And also basically free if you just use a plastic bowl that you already have. It also doubles as a bath toy until they are old enough to get bored with it! Seriously, Theo loves banging on an upside down plastic bowl.
That’s it! Yes, some things might make bath time a little easier but most of them are unnecessary if you are really on a budget. 
So for those of you with a cute hooded baby towel, how necessary is it? I’d love to hear any input! Maybe you can convince me to purchase one too! 
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