September Whole30 Meal Plan Week 3

September 16, 2018raelaf
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Welcome to week 3! The end of last week was kind of scary. The fridge was sooo empty. There’s was literally some carrots and celery left by the end of Friday. Thankfully, I finally renewed my Costco membership. Which means my fridge actually has food in it now. I have this love-hate relationship with Costco. Anyone else? First of all, it’s always crowded there. Especially on the weekends. And everything including the carts are huge. So I have to maneuver my huge cart through huge crowds. Then wait in a long line to check out. And by then the baby is freaking out so I have to hold him while loading my cart onto the check out counter. Then pack my car with giant items. Then figure out how to get the baby upstairs and all my giant groceries upstairs (we are in a second story apartment). Usually takes about 4 trips. Ugh. Just thinking about it is exhausting. 
On the other side, I love buying my staples here! The deals are just too good. Why would I buy a tiny bottle of avocado oil at the health store when I can get a gigantic bottle at Costco for the same price? 
Plus there are free samples. Which pretty much make the membership cost worth it.
This week definitely highlights some of my staple Costco items like chicken apple sausages, frozen salmon, and free range eggs.

Meal Plan Notes:

Recipe for Ranch (coming soon)
Recipe for marinated onions are from No Crumbs Left
Chipotle burger recipe (coming soon)
Chicken shawarma recipe (coming soon)
Breakfast salad is simple a bed of greens + protein + eggs + marinated onions + dressing
I also serve a veggie crudité with every meal. 
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