20-Minute Paleo Beef Stroganoff

November 4, 2017Rachel

This has instantly become one of my new favorite recipes! It is so freakin’ good. Seriously. Try it out! 

Matt found this insanely high quality, grass-fed, Waygu beef at our local Lazy Acres. Rumor has it that Waygu beef comes from cows that are massaged daily and served ice cold beers. I’m not sure how true that is but I do know that this was some of the best beef I’ve ever had. It had such a unique flavor just on its own. It is what I used in this 20-minute paleo beef stroganoff. 5 stars. Would eat again. 
I’ll admit that I’ve never been a fan of beef stroganoff before. It reminds me too much of Hamburger Helper *shudders*. Not my fondest childhood memory. 

But this paleo beef stroganoff is easy, tasty, and extremely nutrient dense! It contains healthy fats from the coconut milk and grass-fed ghee, collagen from the bone broth, and even some probiotics from the yogurt. And it can be made using just one pan! 

The secret to this dish are the noodles. They are actually thin slices of yellow squash! It is a super sneaky way to get some extra vegetables into your diet. And it makes it feel more like a complete meal that way. Matt actually sat down to dinner and asked me if they were real noodles! 
Recipe notes:
  • Bacon fat can be replaced with any cooking fat. Preferably a high heat cooking oil like coconut oil, ghee, or tallow.
  • If you tolerate dairy, you can use butter instead of ghee and greek yogurt or sour cream instead of coconut milk yogurt.
  • Bone broth is easy to make and good to keep on hand but any beef or chicken stock will work in a pinch.
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