• Fried Green Tomatoes

    November 10, 2016Rachel

    I’ve only ever had fried green tomatoes once in a restaurant. About two years ago. I never imagined I could like a tomato so much. I grew up hating tomatoes. Everything I ordered was, “hold the tomatoes.” But that phase of my life is over now and I eat tomatoes on the regular. I fondly remember those fried green tomatoes. They were cut really thick and tasted nothing like the tomatoes I was familiar with. Outside was crispy and the inside was surprisingly sweet.   Unripe tomatoes have not been the easiest item to find in the stores. Not that I was particularly looking for them either though. Yesterday, I stumbled upon some of these gorgeous green heirloom tomatoes and I knew exactly what I…

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  • Smoky Turmeric Mahi Mahi

    November 8, 2016Rachel

    This is is such an easy dinner to throw together. Just mix some spices together, rub it on your fish, and fry it up real quick. The smoky seasoning gives these fillets a bit of a kick. I like to serve it with some mango or avocado or something cool and refreshing. This would also be tasty over a bed of rice. If the spice mix is a bit overwhelming, this also works great with any pe-mixed smoky or Cajun spice blends. Use about 2 teaspoons of any spice blend and generously rub it into the fish.  [lt_recipe name=”Smoky Turmeric Mahi Mahi” servings=”2″ prep_time=”15 MIN” cook_time=”6 MIN” difficulty=”Easy” summary=”A flaky white fish packed with flavor” image=”http://itstartswithbacon.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/mahimahi-3-685×1024.jpg” ingredients=”4 small mahi mahi fillets (about 3/4 lb);1/2 teaspoon…

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  • What I Eat

    October 30, 2016Rachel

    When people find out what I don’t eat they usually ask me, “So… what do you eat?” I can’t help but chuckle and reply, “Real food.”  High quality meats, fats and oils, veggies, nuts, and a small amount of fruit are included in my diet. I do occasionally eat some dairy. It’s usually butter or cheese. I leave out all the processed stuff. That would include anything in a box or anything with more than a few ingredients. I don’t consider grains, legumes, sugar or artificial sweeteners a part of my normal diet either. I’m not the paleo police though. I try to find balance in my diet where I’m feeling my best and eating what I want. For me, this means eating “squeaky clean”…

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  • Chicken Artichoke Skillet

    October 27, 2016Rachel

    Matt was having some company over last night and I wanted to have some food prepared. I knew these guests ate healthy but I didn’t know the parameters. I figured I would just make a squeaky clean meal. I had it in the oven by the time they arrived so it was easy to just pull out a whole meal in one pan. Plenty of time to chat and entertain without any mess, fuss, or prep.  Here is what I wanted: Looks fancy  Easy Tasty Uses one pan Free from Gluten, grains, dairy, sugar, legumes, and nightshades And here is what you get! A hot sizzling skillet packed with flavor and full of chicken, artichokes, and a tangy cream sauce. It reminds me of a chicken…

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  • Welcome

    October 21, 2016Rachel

    I’ve decided that there is no other way to start this blog than with a post about bacon. Why am I writing about bacon? Well, for starters, no one can deny that bacon is delicious. It is the perfect combination of crispy and chewy. It goes great with almost any meal, even dessert! But it is also the perfect bait to capture your attention with. My goal is to inspire you to eat a little healthier, maybe give this Paleo thing a shot, and overall feel great about yourself. There is a misconception out there that eating healthy or eating gluten-free means giving up all sorts of foods that you love and only eating tasteless, boring meals for the rest of your life. I still eat…

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