Nourishing Turkey Soup

November 27, 2017Rachel
This delicious nourishing turkey soup uses up leftovers from Thanksgiving and helps you get back on track to your healthy eating lifestyle. 
Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a delicious Thanksgiving this year! Our menu featured all the basics. A stuffed turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and sweet potatoes. Can’t go wrong there! None of it was Paleo. I guess maybe you could go wrong because I’ve been feeling like garbage for the last few days. Way too much gluten, sugar, and dairy for me. Maybe next year I’ll stick to a more Paleo menu. 
Good thing I have this nourishing turkey soup to kick me back on track though!
It seems like Black Friday just gets earlier and earlier each year. Some of the stores started their sales a week ago! We ended up doing some unexpected Black Friday shopping this year. It started with some mattress shopping at 8am. Then some Cardiff Crack (best tri tip in San Diego) for lunch. I found an email for a free bag of dog food so we stopped by the pet store to pick it up. The baby store happens to be right next door. Long story short, Theo now has way more toys than he knows what to do with. 
I’d call it a pretty successful day. 
Yesterday, Matt and I agreed that it would be the last day of eating “junk food” before we get back to our Whole30 way of eating. So he had one last Thanksgiving leftover dinner and I polished off all the chocolate in the house. 
 We like to start these things on Sundays. So for the next 27 days, we are keeping our diets clean and I’m feeling great eating this nourishing turkey soup. It uses bone broth as the base. Bone broth is so nutrient dense and nourishing and I love finding ways to sneak it into a meal. You can find my Instant Pot bone broth recipe over here
This nourishing turkey soup is also perfect for using up any leftover turkey, herbs, and veggies from Thanksgiving.
This nourishing turkey soup is really versatile, you could add or sub different veggies if you like. If you prefer a little heartier soup, you could also add noodles or rice. I like to just stick to turkey and veggies. Its full of carrots, celery, potatoes, spinach, and herbs. The lemon juice at the end gives it a huge boost of flavor too. This is a simple and healthy way to end your Thanksgiving weekend!
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