Meet Lucy the Wonder Dog + Her One Year Adoptaversary

November 16, 2017Rachel
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This is Lucy. She is a dog. She is actually my favorite dog.
I can’t believe it has already been one year since we adopted her! And what a whirlwind of a year it has been for her. 

Our first meet and greet with her was not exactly love at first sight. She was a wild, energetic puppy that was 100% more interested in her toys than us. She had already been adopted from the shelter by a family but was returned two weeks later because she had too much energy. This was not the kind of dog I wanted. I wanted a laid back, well mannered dog. But after searching for weeks, I started to get discouraged that we wouldn’t find a dog. Matt liked this one. And she was at least food motivated (which would make training easier). So we took her home. 

(Her shelter pic from over a year ago. When she still had floppy ears)
She was everything we expected. A wild puppy that never stopped moving, had daily bouts of the zoomies, and just wanted to play with every dog she met. She was fun but uncontrollable. Anytime she saw a person or dog, even from across the street, she would get so excited she didn’t know what to do with herself. She ate food off the counters, chewed up pillows, shoes, hats, and her bed. Nothing made this dog tired. Not chasing a frisbee for an hour, not three trips to the dog park in one day, nothing. This dog was always ready to play. 
Oh, and she also randomly bit people that walked by. 
But man was she smart (and still is). She picked up tricks like it was nothing. It took less than 5 minutes to teach her to shake hands. And she was always so enthusiastic to do any trick.
She also loves going anywhere! Literally anywhere. The vet? She loves it. The groomers? I have to hold her back so she doesn’t run inside.
5 days after we got her, she got into some gopher poison. I took her over to my parent’s house and my dad happened to have a gopher problem. She found a can of poison and was running around the yard with it in her mouth, completely destroying the can in the process. And of course as I soon as I tried to chase her, she ran around even faster! So we ended up at the emergency vet at 10pm with a $900 vet bill for a dog that I haven’t even had for a week!
I immediately signed her up for pet insurance after that.
2 months later we found out she had heart worms. So we had to go through a really intensive and expensive heart worm treatment. The treatment involved medicine, shots, and lots and lots of sedation. So our super high energy dog had to be confined to the home for 4 months until she was cleared by the vet. 

During that time, I was also pregnant with Theo. We decided that we really needed a professional trainer for her. So we hired someone to train us on how to train her. And it actually worked out really really well. She still has her enthusiastic and energetic personality but she listens to our commands 97% of the time now.
Even though we have a new baby, we still make sure she gets all the attention she needs. She still goes out with us every morning to the park where she can be off leash and burn off some energy. We still take her to training classes and other doggy events as often as possible. 
So far we have taught her to play dead, shake, wave, sit pretty, play piano, weave through legs, and currently working on cop cop (paws on our feet).
Overall, she has mellowed out a lot but will still try and chew anything that is not nailed to the ground.
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