Growing Up: Theo’s Favorite Things

September 25, 2018raelaf
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I’ve got a new series coming atchya! Growing Up is my new little corner to share whatever I feel like for the week. Baby ramblings, parent mishaps, our favorite things, feeding babies, scuffles my dog gets into, etc. 
First up is a list of Theo’s favorite things this year! 
Okay, so Matt wanted to get this for him and I thought he was too young for it. I was wrong. He loves this thing! And he actually just sits down and plays with it for hours (more like many many minutes). He will put all the animals in their stalls, open and close the doors, he throws them down the little barn chute. He even presses the button and dances to the songs that it plays. 
Yep, I’m one of those parents now. We went for the deluxe infant floaty with the canopy and toys because we are extra. I normally hate buying stuff like this because I feel like he will grow out of it so quickly. But on the other hand, we will get good use out of it. We have a nice pool in our complex and now we have a good excuse to use it. Plus, Theo loves it. We’ve used it about 4 or 5 times now and even in September it’s still warm enough out for more pool days
This car is rad. Theo loves riding in it, honking the horn, and grabbing the steering wheel. It’s a fun alternative to a stroller and perfect for trips to the park or walks to the mailbox. 
#4 Dipping Food
This isn’t a toy, he just litterally loves dipping food like carrots in ranch or hummus. Once he starts dipping he won’t stop! You just have to watch him close otherwise dipping turns into him just sticking his whole hand into a jar of hummus and squishing it around. It gets messy FAST! 
#5 The Dog Bowl
He will crawl-run to get to the dog’s water dog. No matter where the water bowl is, he will find it. You’d think that with all the baby products they make someone could invent a device that keeps babies out of dog bowls! Either Lucy can have a bowl of water or Theo can be on the floor. Never both. Otherwise we have a wet baby on our hands.
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