Growing Up: Becoming Mom

May 17, 2018raelaf
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Before I had a baby, I didn’t like babies. 
I just had absolutely no interest in children or babies or basically anyone under the age of 21. I was just living my life and found children to be noisy. And sticky. And they run around and get in your way when you’re walking. I much preferred dogs, puppies, and anything else with four legs. 
Even when I was pregnant, I wasn’t jumping with joy to have a little spawn of my own. It seemed like everyone around me was more excited than I was. And I felt a little guilty about it. But the excitement just wasn’t there for me. 
Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t go above and beyond to have a stellar pregnancy and delivery. I did absolutely everything I possibly could to keep my baby healthy, happy, and stress-free. I never missed a Dr. appointment, I ate healthy, took my vitamins,  got regular massages, etc (You can read more about my delivery here). 
But just like everyone told me, my whole life changed once my baby was born. Every single priority was different now. I didn’t come first. My baby did. His health and happiness was the most important thing. He never went hungry, he was never left to cry it out, he had everything he could possibly need. 
He is turning 9 months old this week and I have such a different perspective about babies now. Babies are SO. MUCH. FUN. If my future self had told my pregnant self this, I wouldn’t have believed it. Seriously, he makes everything so much more enjoyable! Sometimes he also makes things more stressful but its nothing that can’t easily be remedied with a dance party or a giggle fest. 
Here are a few examples of why I am enjoying being a mom and raising a baby:
Leveling Up
Watching him learn new skills is so fascinating! I remember watching him every night for weeks as he struggled to roll over. And then another month until he figured out how to crawl. It is all going by so fast, I feel like he is going to be driving in no time…
Boy Toys
Okay, so I saw someone on Instagram with one of these push cars and I bought one the next day. I am obsessed. I think I enjoy this more than Theo does right now. Its just so much fun! 
Shades, hats, bandana bibs. Its so much fun dressing him up. And people always get a kick out of seeing a baby in sun glasses.
Family Outings
Sunday is our family day. We make it a point to go out and spend time together. Its the best day! Sometimes its going to the zoo, the street fair, or the beach. Sometimes it is just going to Souplantation for dinner. But everything is just so much more fun with a baby. Watching Theo’s reaction to everything, watching him eat, learn, and play is the best part! 
Getting Frustrated
Sometimes I’m trying to do dishes or some other chore and Theo is crawling up my leg trying to get my attention. It can get frustrating when I just want to get something done. But it is also so easy to just pick him and be silly with him. All my stress is gone and he is happy and giggling. So the solution to stress is playtime! 
My stance on babies now: THEY ARE AWESOME AND EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ONE. Even if its just for the entertainment value…
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