Grain-Free Bacon Fat Gingersnap

December 11, 2017Rachel
Bacon fat adds a smokey richness to a holiday classic. These grain-free bacon fat gingersnaps have a perfectly chewy inside with a crisp outer edge.
I’ve been a bit MIA lately because Theo (my almost 4 month old) has been going through a little growth spurt. He becomes so clingy for about a week or two. It’s neat because after each spurt he usually gains a new skill. It reminds me of a video game where you gain experience to achieve higher levels. After his first growth spurt, he could hold up his head by himself. So it sort of makes all the crankiness worth it in the end. Once I had to deal with his fussiness for  a week and was hoping for some cool developmental achievement. All he ended up learning to do was stick out his tongue. I felt a little jipped on that one.
Basically my sweet, content baby becomes fussy, clingy, and demanding and I get NOTHING done. Literally zip. I can barely get away from him to pee. 
bacon fat gingersnaps
But now he is back to his sweet self and he actually naps again! So I have a few hours a day to get back in the kitchen. I’m not sure what his new skill is this time. I think it’s either going to be rolling over or sitting up. Just 276 more skills to go….. 
With my few extra hours during the day, I was able to finish my grain-free bacon fat gingersnaps recipe testing and shooting. These have been a year in the making. I made them last year and they were so terrible that I had to toss them. I made them a few more times this year and only one batch was trash worthy. If there is one thing I’m good at, it’s making inedible cookies. Kidding. Sort of.
But these ones have finally made the cut. Simple ingredients with tasty results. These grain-free bacon fat gingersnaps are perfectly chewy inside but still hold up a nice crisp edge. They are not too sweet either which is how I prefer my treats. The bacon fat adds a nice smokiness to the cookie which pairs well with the molasses and ginger.

Grain-Free Bacon Fat Gingersnaps Recipe notes:

  • The dough can be made in advance and chilled in the fridge. Adjust the cooking time to about 15 minutes. 
  • If you prefer a sweeter cookie, increase the coconut sugar to 3/4 cup.
  • These cookies stay nice and chewy at room temperature and become more crispy if put in the fridge. 

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