Easy 5-Day Whole30 Meal Plan

March 2, 2018raelaf
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An easy 5-day whole30 meal plan to get you started! Cook and prep once during the week and just assemble your meals as you go. Weekly menu and shopping list included.

I’m the kind of person that likes to meal prep and plan for the week but doesn’t like to cook every single day. I work a full time job and I just do not have time to cook dinner most nights. So I prep what I can on my days off and I make it work throughout the week. Most meal plans I see involve a new and exciting dish for each meal of the day. I understand the idea behind this but that just doesn’t work for me. And I honestly don’t mind eating the same meal a few times in a row. There are also the “meal prep” type of people who will cook a giant batch of food once a week and eat the exactly same meal every single day. I just can’t eat that way. I need some variety in my life! If you are like me, then I think you’ll find this style of meal plan helpful. It involves one day of prep, a variety of meals, and a good use of leftovers. 

You will only prep food on one day (the Sunday before you start). Once you’ve cooked everything, you’ll just check out the menu to see what you need to assemble for the day. 

Prep Day: 

  • Boil eggs (boil 6 if you plan on eating hard boiled eggs for breakfast, otherwise just boil 2 eggs)
  • Cook pulled pork 
  • Boil potato
  • Bake chicken thighs
  • Prepare tuna salad
  • Bake bacon
  • Make salad dressing (or buy a Whole30 compliant dressing)

Other Notes:

  • Use the butter lettuce leaves for lettuce wraps.


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