Dark Chocolate Bacon Almond Butter Cups

October 30, 2017Rachel
Who knew dark chocolate bacon almond butter cups would be so darn good?! They are like a paleo, adult version of a classic Reese’s.
Instead of being classically creamy, they have a hidden smoky crunch inside.  Make sure you cook the bacon a little extra crispy for this. Creamy almond butter and crispy bacon wrapped up in dark chocolate. It’s a perfectly balanced Haloween treat.
Warning: these are dangerously addictive. 
We aren’t going trick-or-treating this year because Theo can’t even walk yet.
Or talk.
Or eat candy.
Which means I can’t steal the Reese’s peanut butter cups out of his Halloween stash yet. But that’s okay because I’ve got these dark chocolate bacon almond butter cups to hold me over.
Instead of trick-or-treating, we went to a pumpkin patch (Bates Nut Farm, it is seriously the best) for their “howl-o-ween” event.
Lucy had a blast! I’m glad we can find plenty of dog/child/our-dog-is-also-our-child friendly events all around San Diego. 
I’ve called her Lucy the Wonder dog since the day we got her. It only seemed fitting for her to be a wonder dog for Halloween. And it only seemed even more  fitting for Theo to be Super Boy!
I cannot wait until he is old enough to play with her! 
Okay back to these dark chocolate bacon almond butter cups.

Recipe Notes for Dark Chocolate Bacon Almond Butter Cups:

  • Use your favorite dark chocolate for this! Or milk chocolate if you like disappointing people (Just kidding… sort of).
  • When adding the almond butter, make sure to leave a little room around the edges so you can seal it with more chocolate. I tried having a solid layer of almond butter and they were a little difficult to eat. The insides would just squish out when you took a bite.
  • Store the finished  dark chocolate bacon almond butter cups in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer. 
  • Don’t hand these out to trick-or-treaters. Their moms’ will throw them out. Instead, I would suggest eating them all yourself, sharing with a friend, or bringing them to a Halloween party. 
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