Breakfast Plate

September 17, 2017Rachel
This is how we do breakfast!
Yummy, satisfying, paleo and Whole30 breakfast plates. All using just a cast iron skillet. We do his and hers plates because Matt is on more of a ketogenic diet (low carb, higher fat) and I’m breastfeeding (Need more carbs). So I get potatoes while he gets cucumbers. Or I’ll have some fruit and he will have a scoop of sauerkraut. There are so many combinations of this basic idea. 
I love using my cast iron for breakfast because I can layer flavor after flavor into my meal.  I start with bacon so that I can use the delicious bacon fat to cook my potatoes in. Then I wilt down my kale in the pan and scrape up all the yummy bits leftover. This usually leaves me with a fairly clean pan to cook my eggs in. 
There is no real “recipe” for breakfast but this is what I do: 
-Cook bacon and sausage in a skillet. Remove and set on a plate.
-Fry (pre-boiled) smashed potatoes in bacon fat until crispy. Remove and set on the plate. 
-Throw in a few big handfuls of kale and saute for a few minutes. Remove and add to the plate. Squeeze some lemon on top. 
-Add coconut oil or ghee to the pan and crack in 3 – 4 eggs. Throw some fresh herbs and seasoning on top of the eggs while they are cooking. Fry until really crispy on the edges. Add to plate. 
-Add a side of cucumbers, top with marinated onions, or a side of fruit to the plate. 
That’s it! One pan, two plates, 20 minutes! I love the contrast in textures and flavors. Each element gets its own little twist to it. The bacon is crispy, the potatoes are soft and slightly crisp, the kale is chewy and tart, and the eggs are bright and runny. 
A few tricks and tips:
– Boil a batch of mini potatoes and keep them in the fridge. When you are ready for one, just put it on a cutting board and lightly smash it with your palm. Then throw it in the pan to fry.
– Buy kale that is already chopped and washed. This makes it extra easy to just grab a handful when you need it. 
-You could also mix it up by substituting potatoes for sweet potatoes, plantains, carrots, or parsnips. Sub bacon for sausage or chicken. Sub kale for spinach, collards, or broccoli. Throw on a side of sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, avocado, or mini bell peppers. Basically, make it your own! 


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