Bolognese with Zucchini Noodles

September 18, 2017Rachel
Matt and I are doing the September Whole30! Today is day 14. And we are crushing it. 
My goal this round is to curb my sugar cravings and get a baseline for Theo. I want to experiment and find out if adding dairy or grains into my diet is going to make him gassy or fussy. 
Matt’s goal is to lose weight. He is doing more of a low-carb, ketogenic version of the Whole30. 
So far so good. I’m not craving cookies and ice cream anymore. Matt has been steadily losing weight too.
If you haven’t heard of the Whole30, you should check it out! All the info is free online but they also have a few cookbooks to help you get started. This was literally what got me started with my food blog. My site name was inspired by their first book, It Starts with Food. 
If you don’t want to check it out then here are the basics: 
You only eat real food for 30 days.
You don’t eat dairy, grains, legumes, or added sugar (real or artificial).
You don’t consume alcohol.
You don’t recreate any baked goods.
You don’t weigh yourself on a scale.
 Matt doesn’t really understand the “no scale” rule. He literally weighs himself 10 times a day. But its helped motivate him to keep going. 
This round has actually been pretty easy for us. It helps that I’m home all day on maternity leave. There is less stress and less opportunity to binge. I’m not walking into the break room to a plate full of Donna’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. I’m not tempted to eat something out of the vending machine. It’s just me and my fridge. Which happens to be fully stocked with all Whole30 compliant ingredients and snacks. 

This particular dish is my easy go-to meal for the week. We never actually call it a bolognese. I just call it, “the meat and sauce stuff on the zucchini noodles.” It is basically just 3 ingredients. Meat, sauce, and zucchini. That’s it. You could fancy it up with some sauteed onions or top it with basil if you feel like it. We always have some marinara sauce (from costco) on hand and we always have grass-fed ground beef in the freezer. Zucchini is a staple veggie that we buy each week as well. 
It is so easy, it can be done in under a half hour with very little effort. 
Don’t have a spiralizer? Get one! You need it. It will make eating veggies so much easier. And you know you don’t eat enough of those. 

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