Bacon Flight

October 7, 2017Rachel

We took a road trip to Colorado last year and had such a blast. Matt and I drove from San Diego and my best friend drove from Tennessee to meet us there. We celebrated my birthday, ate lots of good food, went hiking, horse back riding, and explored the big landmarks. 

In between horse back riding in the Rockies and soaking in the hot springs, we ate at a little diner called Bacon Social House. This place was all about the bacon! They had a bacon flight that I couldn’t go home without trying. It featured 5 different flavors of bacon and it was delicious. It was my inspiration for trying out new bacon flavors.

(The original bacon flight)

Bacon is always good on its own, but sometimes its fun to play around and use it in different recipes.

So here is a few ideas to spice up your bacon game:
Crispy Baked Bacon
     If you’ve never baked bacon, you need to! It takes longer than pan frying but it is so worth the effort. It will turn out evenly crisp every time. No more crispy centers with floppy ends, burning yourself with flying bacon grease, or remembering to flip it over. Baked bacon is hands off. Use a baking rack on top of an aluminum foil lined baking sheet to ensure that the heat evenly cooks the bacon. Then just pull off the foil to clean up the mess. 
Candied Maple Bacon
     Because candied bacon is amazing. Sweet, salty, crunchy, and chewy. It is perfect. Maple and bacon go so well together. This is the prefect bacon to use in desserts or to top pancakes with! Just drizzle maple syrup on the bacon before it goes in the oven.
Honey Sriracha Bacon
     My personal favorite! Sweet, salty, and SPICY! This is candied bacon kicked up one more notch. It is simple to make. Baste the bacon with a honey and sriracha mixture and bake.
BBQ Smoked Bacon
     Because bbq and bacon have always been a thing. Think bbq western bacon cheeseburgers. Use your favorite bbq sauce for this one! 


(Watch out for the doggy snoot)

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